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SRB at the Great American Beer Festival

  • September 27, 2016

Sibling Revelry will be appearing at this year's Great American Beer Festival, October 6th-8th. Held every year in Denver, CO by the Brewer's Association, this three-day event harbors craft breweries far and wide from around the world. With thousands of craft beers, it's one of the biggest beer festivals in the United States.

Not only will we have a booth to represent Cleveland, Westlake, and SRB, we will also be entering several of our beers into competitions:

Lavender Wit - Herb & Spice category

Rowan's Red - American Red/Amber Ale category

IPA - American IPA category

Winter Ale - Specialty/Belgian category

Swing State - Session IPA category

A win at the GABF would mean amazing things for Sibling Revelry, solidifying us as an important brewer not only in the Midwest, but throughout the entire country and abroad. We can dream, right? We have the beer – now all we need is that award!

If you haven't tried all of these beers yet, be sure to stop in to the SRB taproom and have a taste yourself! We just brewed the last of our Swing State Pale Ale for the foreseeable future, and a pilot batch of our Winter Ale is now available.