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SRB Taps Cosmic Cocoa Stout and Siblime Summer Seasonal

  • April 20, 2017

We have two great brews to share with you this week!


Cosmic Cocoa Imperial Stout

Grab your spacesuits because you are about to blast off to a world of tasty beer! We will be releasing our newest pilot release, Cosmic Cocoa Imperial Stout, on Thursday April 20th in the taproom. This beer was brewed by Assistant Brewmaster Wally to celebrate his anniversary with his girlfriend Anna. Featuring a smooth chocolate flavor and a milky texture, this spacey brew will have you seeing stars with every sip. We've even designed a special badge icon for this out of this world release!


About the Beer

Deep in vastness, dark as the furthest reaches of space, Cosmic Cocoa will have your palate believe that you are exploring the final frontier. Brewed with large amounts of cocoa nibs for an extra chocolate kick, aged on oak spirals for a dryer, deeper mouthfeel, milk sugar added for a milky way texture and Mexican vanilla added for a little added sweetness, this beer is definitely out of this world!

8.5% ABV 22 IBUs

Grain: Vienna, Munich, Black, Chocolate, CaraRed, Flaked Barley, CaraFoam

Hops: Nugget, Columbus

Adjuncts/Added Ingredients: Cacao Nibs, Mexican Vanilla, Milk Sugar, Oak Spirals  


Siblime Summer Seasonal Hits the Market

Our second release this week is a full market release of Siblime! Our crisp light lager brewed with lime will be available in our taproom on Thursday April 20th. Many of you have had the chance to taste the pilot version of this release several weeks ago, and we are so excited to have it available as the summer weather hits. Distribution will also begin this weekend.


About the Beer

Light and refreshing, this summer seasonal lager is brewed with just enough lime and spice to remind you that the Cleveland winter is almost over. Pouring straw gold with a light, bready lager aroma, this lager has a bright and crisp flavor and finishes with a hint of lime zest.

5.4% ABV / 20 IBU


Malt – Pilsner, Vienna; Hops – Magnum, Kazbeck, Mandarina Bavaria; Spices – Lime Peel, Grains of Paradise; Fruit – Fresh Lime; Adjunct – Corn, Rice


Keep an eye out for the full press release and details coming for Siblime next week, including availability of our 6-pack cans! You won't want to miss it!